Pale Air Singers

Pale Air Singers

Pale Air Singers

2009 | CD | FLCR018

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  • A collaborative recording project between The Cape May and Run Chico Run, the Pale Air Singers’ album is rich with layered, vocal harmonies and complex interplay of rhythm and instrumentation. The album – recorded in two intensive and hazy sessions in the bands’ respective locations in Calgary and Victoria – hints at the output of each band while reaching a place where neither have ever travelled.

    1. Convict Escapes
    2. Swill and Grits
    3. The Moving Floor
    4. Horse Trade
    5. Cubby, he chopped me down
    6. Reeling Mind, Glistening Face
    7. Alomeia
    8. The Last of Jim Prior
    9. Staggered Marionettes
  • There have been a few albums that I have mentioned so far this year as being on my ‘short list’ for later consideration as the best of 2009, and this one is solidly near the top of that list.


    In the track “Swill and Grits,” lead singer Clinton St. John warns, “there is no lock that will keep you like his grip.” In all likelihood he was referencing the strong musical and lyrical grip that Pale Air Singers have on its listener.


    Combining the talents of Victoria’s Run Chico Run and Calgary’s The Cape May, Pale Air Singers make their super-group status work.


    ...complex, atmospheric, and just a little bit disorienting.


    Who says that all the Canadian talent is from the East??


    beautiful progressive free flowing stream-of-consciousness pop

    BABYSUE 5+