Chad VanGaalen


2006 | CD / LP | FLCR013

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  • Skelliconnection is as varied and full of surprises as his last album, flirting with anthemic rock, prepared piano cartoon soundtracks, and quirky banjo airs. With broken dance beats, strange nocturnal dirges, driving rock cuts, and his fragile voice soaring above, Skelliconnection is distinctively Chad VanGaalen.

    1. flower gardens
    2. burn 2 ash
    3. red hot drops
    4. rolling thunder
    5. viking rainbow
    6. gubbbish
    7. dandrufff
    8. wing finger
    9. see-thru-skin
    10. wind driving dogs
    11. mini t.v.’s
    12. Graveyard
    13. dead ends
    14. sing me 2 sleep
    15. systemic heart

      Bonus LP Tracks:
      the gun
      pencil sharpener
      concrete dreamer
      egyptian tennis shoe
      i left you a message #2
      mini tv’s ( muscle cola )
      vee-tech beatsmart
      past / future
      i left you a message #1
      orca hunter
      smoke pillows
  • Best of 2006


    There's huge talent at work here

    GLOBE AND MAIL  ***1/2

    Neither [Conor Oberst or M. Ward) wields the vibrant psychedelic creativity that bursts forth from VanGaalen’s wonderfully scattered mind


    These are the signs of an artist not afraid of his own voice, or afraid to let it roam amongst experimental fields of music. I suppose writing hundreds of songs and singing in front of street walking strangers everyday can give you that kind of courage, but there's something more to VanGaalen. The reason I may not be able to put a finger on that extra quality is most likely what makes him one of a kind.


    VanGaalen is a spectacularly gifted and prolific songwriter who has an ear for cranking out unusual tunes from instruments and non-instruments alike. The resulting songs are purebreds.


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