Good Will Come To You
Good Will Come To You
Good Will Come To You

Yves Jarvis

Good Will Come To You

2017 | LP | FLCR034

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  •  Yves Jarvis' previously known as Un Blonde released a brilliant 21-song album called 'Good Will Come To You'.

    Re-mastered and with newly re-worked artwork throughout, the LP version of Good Will Come To You also includes a bonus download-only album of b-sides and alternate versions.

    1. Celebration
    2. On My Grind
    3. Open Sesame
    4. I'm Free
    5. Rain Will Not Change
    6. I Felt The Evening Come Through The Window
    7. Brand New
    8. Exercise A
    9. Staying In Line
    10. In Harmony
    11. Who I Am
    12. Take Me Higher
    13. The Real Way
    14. Heat Of The Afternoon
    15. A Level Playing Field
    16. No Fronting
    17. The Time It Takes
    18. True Love
    19. Look At Me Deep (Mutual Love)
    20. Rain Cannot Change
    21. Trust Your Judgement
  • Yves Jarvis (Un Blonde) is the solo project of Montreal-based musician, producer, and composer Jean-Sebastian Audet, whose world is a constantly mutating series of musical environments, forging brilliant connections between contemporary r&b, cubist avant-funk, low-key soul, indie pop, and confessional songwriting. This heady mixture spilled over into Good Will Come To You, an album released last year as a quick-to-sell-out limited run tape. Now, as the first fruit of his newly-minted signing with Flemish Eye Records, the fully remixed and remastered album will be made available on LP for the first time.

    The debut album, Good Will Come To You is a brilliant, 21-song widescreen presentation of Audet's concepts, which NOW Magazine called his “most focused and fragile record yet” in their glowing 5-star review. The album landed him a spot on the Long List for last year's Polaris Music Prize and further cemented his growing reputation as one of the most compellingly original new artists to emerge in recent years. 

    The music of Yves Jarvis (Un Blonde) is conceptualized, written, and recorded completely by Audet himself in apartments and rehearsal spaces around Montreal, with a very simple and limited recording setup. While some artists might find such a minimal gear set up to be a hindrance, for Audet it is a key part of his ability to most fully express his ideas. “I spend every day waiting for things to say, and saying them right away”, he says, and it’s this 24/7 access - along with his unencumbered and unfussy recording means - that allowed him to explore this process on Good Will Come To You. The Fader noted that “Audet's layered vocal harmonies are transcendent … they seem to guide him from an apartment and into the streets of Montreal, where he finds his own rhythm in the music, as he has always done.”

    In the live realm, Yves Jarvis (Un Blonde) exists as a series of constantly shifting permutations, adding and subtracting members to find the right sound. Over the years, the band’s live scope has ranged from large ensembles featuring extra drummers, percussionists, and guitarists, to a stripped-down trio that focuses on group improvisation to raise existing material to new heights. Audet’s live accomplices include players from some of the finest contemporary indie acts going, including members of Nap Eyes, Homeshake, Lab Coast, Monomyth, and Tough Age.

    Liner Notes

    Written, engineered, and performed by Yves Jarvis, 2015-16, in Montreal QC. 

    Re-mastered for 2017 Vinyl & Digital re-issue by Richard White at Breakglass Studios

  • amazing...intoxicated with the thrill of life.

    Chart Attack

    2016 Long List Nominee

    Polaris Prize 

    It’s the chance to examine and renew the inner self, to check that each part runs in its own rhythm, to take stock of the love that flows from without so you can send it back

    Drowned In Sound  10/10

    Good Will Come To You appeals to anyone in need of a deep exhale and showcases a worldview that is distinctly indistinct


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